Welding Student Spotlight: Kaije Mosier

Lamar Community College’s (LCC) Welding Program provides students with a comprehensive education in the art and science of welding. Upon completion of LCC’s Welding Program, graduates possess the skills to define and adhere to proper safety procedures, utilize welding equipment according to industry standards, interpret blueprints accurately, and execute various welding procedures such as Gas Metal Arc Welding/Flux Core Arc Welding (GMAW/FCAW), Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) from different positions. Additionally, they demonstrate safe work habits and professional employability skills, ensuring they meet current industry expectations and are well-prepared for the demands of the welding field. Through a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on training, students gain the knowledge and skills required for success in the industry.

Meet Kaije Mosier, a shining example of success from LCC’s welding program. He is a member of LCC’s class of 2024 and has already embarked on his journey in the welding industry, armed with the invaluable skills and knowledge gained during his time at LCC. Kaije, an Eagle Scout who took full advantage of concurrent enrollment, is now poised to embark on his next journey in the Army as a welder.

Kaije gravitated towards LCC’s welding program with a clear goal in mind: to refine his welding skills and earn his certificate while still in high school. Looking back on his journey, Kaije shared his thoughts: “My experience was really good. Doug and Russ were very supportive, guiding us through the entire process.” Their mentorship played a pivotal role in Kaije’s rewarding time in the program, fueling his passion for welding and setting him on a path towards success.

Thanks to the welding program at LCC, Kaije seized the opportunity to apply his skills beyond the classroom by starting his own mobile welding business. While he enjoyed this entrepreneurial venture, Kaije made the decision to sell the business as he prepared to serve in the Army for the next five years. Looking ahead, his aspirations for his welding career remain steadfast. Kaije plans to pursue welding in the Army and aims to continue his journey by eventually establishing his own welding shop. His dedication to both his craft and his country showcases his determination to excel in his welding career, both in military service and civilian life.

Reflecting on his journey, Kaije wholeheartedly recommends LCC’s welding program to prospective students. His advice to them is simple yet crucial: “Keep up with your work and don’t slack off.” By maintaining dedication and focus, students can make the most of their experience in the program. Kaije’s endorsement, coupled with his practical advice, underscores the program’s value and the importance of diligence for success.

Kaije’s journey serves as validation of the potential that lies within each student who chooses to pursue a college education. As he embarks on the next chapter of his journey, Kaije stands as a shining example of the power of education.

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career in construction, manufacturing, or another industry that relies on welding expertise, LCC’s Welding Program provides the foundation you need to succeed. Join us this fall and take the first step toward a fulfilling and rewarding career in welding.

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