We offer the following degree and/or certificate programs. Our programs prepare you for success whether your goal is a degree guaranteed to transfer or a degree or certificate to make you promotion-ready in your current career or job-ready in a new one. Click on a field of study to learn more.


Program Degrees Certificates 
Accounting Accounting Certificate
Agriculture A.G.S. Agriculture Certificate, Precision Agriculture Certificate
Agriculture Business AB A.S.
Agriculture Production Management APM A.A.S.
Animal Science Animal Science A.S.
Applied Technology Applied Tech A.A.S.
Associate of Arts, General A.A. (General)
Associate of General Studies, General A.G.S. (General Studies)
Associate of Science, General A.S. (General)



Program Degrees Certificates 
Barber Barber A.A.S. Barber Certificate
Business Business A.A. / A.A.S. Business Certificate



Program Degrees Certificates 
Construction Trades CT A.A.S. CT Essentials, Interior Building, Exterior Building, Construction Trade Mastery
Cosmetology Cosmetology A.A.S. Cosmetology Certificate
Criminal Justice Criminal Justice A.A.



Program Degrees Certificates 
Early Childhood Teacher Education ECTE A.A., Entry Certificate, Director Certificate
Economics Economics A.A.
Elementary Teacher Education ETE A.A.
Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Intermidiate
Equine Business Management EBMA.A.S.
Equine Science ES A.S.



Program Degrees Certificates 
Hairstylist Hairstylist Certificate
Health & Wellness Health & Wellness Certificate
History History A.A.
Horse Training & Management HT&M A.A.S. Advanced Horsemanship, Fundamental Horse Training, Starting Colts
Horse Training & Management, Barrel Horse Training HT&MBHT A.A.S.



Program Degrees Certificates 
Marketing Marketing Technology Specialist Certificate



Program Degrees Certificates 
Nail Technician Nail Technician Certificate
Nurse Aide Nurse Aide Certificate
Nursing Nursing A.A.S.



Program Degrees Certificates 
Psychology Psychology A.A. / A.S.



Program Degrees Certificates 
Renewable Energy Technologies RET A.A.S.



Program Degrees Certificates 
Soil & Crop Sciences S&CS A.S.
Sports & Exercise Science S&ES A.S.
Studio Arts SA A.A.



Program Degrees Certificates 
Veterinary Science Veterinary Science Certificate



Program Degrees Certificates 
Welding Welding A.A.S. Welding Certificates