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Todd-Burch Hall

Now accepting applications for LCC Student Housing
Thank you for your interest in student housing at Lamar Community College. Your application will be considered once your $150 room deposit is received. We look forward to seeing you on campus this fall!

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Student Housing and Meals

Welcome to Housing and Residence Life! Lamar Community College now has three student housing options.

  • Todd Burch Residence Hall: LCC’s largest residence hall, it houses 190+ students (under 25 years of age) on campus with approximately 20 rooms and 1-2 community bathrooms per wing. Kelley Union Cafeteria is located in this building.
  • Prowers House: Adjacent to Todd-Burch, it houses 32 students (under 25 years of age) on campus.  Two rooms share a bathroom for a total of 16 suites.
  • Main Street Student Housing: Ideally suited for adult students. When complete, it will house 75+ students off campus at 1210 S. Main Street (.4 of a mile from campus). 37 standard rooms have private bathrooms. Two one-bedroom apartments are available. Most rooms will be available for fall 2022 occupancy.

Students have access to pool and ping-pong tables, a weight room, basketball and tennis courts, 24hr laundry facilities, and multiple computer labs. Each room has access to cable TV and the internet.

Todd-Burch Hall and Prowers House have a full-time, live-in housing staff (Resident Assistants and the Coordinator of Residence Life) to assist students with their everyday living needs. A full-time custodial crew maintains all common spaces for a clean living environment.

Main Street Housing has part-time, live-in assistants and Resident Assistants to assist students with their everyday living needs.  Main Street Housing does not have full-time custodial crew.  Main St. Housing has options for married student housing on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Student Housing Living Requirement

All single freshmen under the age of 21, not living with parents or relatives while attending Lamar Community College, are required to live in LCC Student Housing. Transfer students who have completed two (2) full-time semesters on a college campus (concurrent high school enrollment and distance education NOT included) are exempt from this requirement.

All students receiving Housing Scholarship monies are required to live in LCC Student Housing.

Don’t forget Lopes! You must submit vaccination status in order to be eligible to live on post. If you have not already done so, submit to Student Services at

Residence Living

Living in student housing means you have a front row seat to all Student Life events, but it also means you get to take part in Residence Life. Residence Life provides events just for students living in student housing.

Every floor has at least one assigned Resident Assistant (RA). RAs are trained and expected to assist students with their everyday needs under the direction and supervision of the Coordinator of Residence Life.

Students are required to abide by the policies and rules found in the Student Housing Policies and Procedures (see LCC Catalog). Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable place to live that is conducive to learning; we are committed to enriching students’ lives through education both in and out of the classroom.

Contact Us

Residence Hall Coordinator
Phone: 719-336-1620

Dining Hall

The Kelley Union Cafeteria is housed in the Kelley Union directly north of the residence halls on-campus. Students living in student housing enjoy 19 meals per week as part of their room and board plan. Only students residing in the one of the two Main St. Housing “suites” are eligible to apply to receive an exemption from the meal plan.  The dining hall is operated by SODEXO Services. Three meals are served a day Monday through Friday, with brunch and dinner served on Saturday and Sunday. Meals are served buffet style with options from a salad bar to a made-to-order hot grill. LCC Dining  Services also provide professional catering for any sized event; from family parties to company banquets. See the LCC Dining Services website.

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