Hours & Course Schedule

Check the calendar below for the schedule of all Open Hours and Certification Classes.

Due to the increase in demand for time on the laser cutter, users will need to sign up for a one-hour block of time prior to showing up at open hours in the makerspace. This will ensure that everyone has ample time to complete his/her own project. Please call Michele Girard at 719-336-1584 to reserve your block of time.

In an effort maximize the number of users in the makerspace, open hours and certification classes will be held simultaneously.  Please note that if a certification class is in session, you WILL NOT be able to use that piece of equipment during the posted class time.

If you wish to sign up for a Certification Class, please contact Michele Girard at 719-336-1584 prior to your arrival.  Class sizes are limited, and we ask that you call in advance to reserve your seat.

Payments for Open Hours, Certification Classes, and materials can be made by cash or check only.  Check our Offerings & Rates for more information.

Please check back frequently as hours and classes are subject to change!

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