At Lamar Community College, faculty, staff, and administration are always happy to answer questions or provide additional information about the College or its programs.

If you cannot locate the department or person, please call our information line at 719.336.2248.

Name Telephone Location
Academic Advising email_Advising
Advising website
719.336.1590 Betz–West
Admissions email_Admissions
719.336.1590 Betz–West
Affirmative Action Officer email A.A.O. 719.336.1572 Trustees
Agriculture Faculty email Ag. Faculty 719.336.1628 Betz–West
Athletic Director email A.D. 719.336.1681 Wellness
Baseball email Baseball
Baseball website
719.336.1681 Wellness
Basketball (Men’s) email M Basketball
719.336.1676 Wellness
Basketball (Women’s) email W Basketball
W Basketball website
719.336.1680 Wellness
Bookstore email
Bookstore website
Booster Club, Runnin’ Lopes email Boosters
Boosters website
Cafeteria email Cafeteria 719.336.3907 Todd–Burch Hall
Campus Health Center CHC website 719.336.1683 Wellness Center
CLEP Testing Program email CLEP 719.336.1528 Betz
Appointment Desk
email Cosmetology
Cosmetology website
719.336.4408 Trustees–Northeast
Customized Training email_Customised_Training
719.336.1521 Betz–West
Disability Services email Disability Services 719.336.1533 Bowman
Dual Credit Classes email Dual Credit Classes 719.336.1514 Betz–West
Educational Opportunity Center email Ed Op Center 719.336.1588 Betz–West
Financial Aid email Financial Aid
Financial Aid website
719.336.1590 Betz–West
Fitness Center email Fitness Center
Fitness Center website
719.336.1672 Wellness
GED Testing email GED Testing 719.336.1538 Bowman
Golf email Golf
Golf website
719.336.1686 Wellness
Help Desk, Information Technology email IT Help Desk
IT Help Desk website
719.336.6666 Betz–West
Horse Training & Management email_Horse_Training_& Management
Horse Training & Management website
719.336.6664 Equine Complex
Human Resources email Human Resources 719.336.1572 Trustees
Information Technology Help Desk email I.T. Help Desk
719.336.6666 Betz–West
International Students email International Students 719.336.1589 Betz-Student Services Center
LCC Foundation email LCC Foundation
LCC Foundation website
719.336.1520 Betz-Atrium
Learning Resource Center / Library email LRC/Library
LRC/Library website
719.336.1541 Bowman
Learning Support Services email Learning Support Services 719.336.1537 Bowman
Nursing email Nursing
Nursing website
719.336.1594 Betz-West
Nursing Simulation Coordinator email Nursing Simulation Coordinator 
Nursing Simulation Coordinator website
719.336.1629 Betz-West
President’s Office email President’s Office 719.336.1511 Administration
Recruiting  email Recruiting 719.336.1580 Betz Atrium
Registrar email Registrar 719.336.1592 Betz-Student Services Center
Residence Hall Office email Residence Hall Office 719.336.6660 Todd-Burch Hall
Residence Hall after hours 719.336.5203 Todd-Burch Hall
Resource Counselor email Resource Counselor 719.336.1527 Bowman
Rodeo email Rodeo
719.336.1670 Equine Complex
Softball email Softball
Softball website
719.336.1674 Wellness
Southern Colorado Educational Opportunity Center email Southern Colorado Educational Opportunity Center 719.336.1588 Betz–West
Student Government Association email Student Government Association 719.336.1581 Betz–West
Student Service Center email Student Service Center 719.336.1590 Betz–West
Transcripts email Transcripts 719.336.1590 Betz–West
Transfer Counselor email Transfer Counselor 719.336.1527 Bowman
Tutoring Services email Tutoring Services
Tutoring Services website
719.336.1535 Bowman
Volleyball email Volleyball
Volleyball website
719.336.1673 Wellness
Wellness Center email Wellness Center
Wellness Center website
719.336.1678 Wellness

Name Title Email Telephone
Bair, Ava Accounts Payable email Bair, Ava 719.336.1574
Bowles, Susan Administrative Assistant to Nursing & CTE email Bowles, Susan 719.336.1594
Cash, Doug Welding/Renewable Energy Faculty email Cash, Doug 719.336.6641
Cash, Greg Agriculture Faculty/Department Chair email Cash, Greg 719.336.1628
Chase, Del Concurrent Enrollment/ASCENT Coordinator email Chase, Del 719.336.1514
Choat, Dorothy Financial Aid Coordinator email Choat, Dorothy 719.336.1573
Cleavinger, Aubrie Controller email Cleavinger, Aubrie 719.336.1571
Comer, Terry Campus Safety Officer email Comer, Terry 719.336.1192
Crampton, Anne-Marie Director of Institutional Advancement email Crampton, Anne-Marie 719.336.1520
Crampton, Scott Athletic Director/Head Baseball Coach email Crampton, Scott 719.336.1681
Crown, Michelle Business Office/Bookstore email Crown, Michelle 719.336.1570/
Davis, Jenna Admissions Counselor email Davis, Jenna 719.336.1589
DeBono, Chad Vice President of Administrative Services/Institutional Effectiveness email DeBono, Chad 719.336.1517
Dewbre, Roy Head Golf Coach email Dewbre, Roy 719.336.1686
Dittburner, Jason Custodian email Dittburner, Jason  719.336.1543
Emick, Kelly History Faculty email Emick, Kelly 719.336.1532
Evans, Debbie Accounts Receivable/Cashier email Evans, Debbie 719.336.1590
Frankel, David English Faculty email Frankel, David 719.336.1547
Frankel, Susan CHAMP Navigator email Frankel, Susan 719.336.1526
Freiberger, Linda Learning Support Services email Freiberger, Linda 719.336.1528
Fronterhouse, Misti Executive Assistant to President email Fronterhouse, Misti 719.336.1511
Gaines, Kelli CHAMP Program Director, Co-Lead email Gaines, Kelli 719.336.1523
Gerber, Alexa Volleyball email Gerber, Alexa 719.336.1585
Geoffrey, Dante Head Women’s Volleyball Coach email Geoffrey, Dante 719.336.1673
Griego, Berna Student Services Communication Assistant email Griego, Berna 719.336.1536
Harris, Brian Information Technology Director email Harris, Brian 719.336.1577
Hawks, Tori Recruiter email Hawks, Tori 719.336.1580
Hemphill, Teale Financial Aid Director email Hemphill, Teale 719.336.1590
Henderson, Kathy Nursing Faculty email Henderson, Kathy 719.336.1597
Hoffman, Susan Biology Faculty email Hoffman, Susan 719.336.1545
Horton, Rita Custodian email Horton, Rita 719.336.1543
Vacant Interim Director of Learning Support Services email Interim Director of Learning Support Services 719.336.1537
Bookstore email Bookstore 719.336.1620
King, Kendra Cosmetology Faculty email King, Kendra 719.336.1549
Kravig, Jason HTM Faculty email Kravig, Jason 719.336.6664
Lirley, Sean Facilities Director email Lirley, Sean 719.336.1543
Vacant Livestock Judging Coach email Livestock Judging Coach 719.336.1671
Lovell, Ellen Library Tech email Lovell, Ellen 719.336.1541
Lubbers, Kristin Marketing Director email Lubbers, Kristin 719.336.1518
Lujan, Linda President email Lujan, Linda 719.336.1511
Vacant Manufacturing Pathways Navigator email Manufacturing Pathways Navigator 719.336.1584
Massotti, Joseph Math Faculty email Massotti, Joseph 719.336.1272
Mata, Connie Fitness Center Director/
Athletic Trainer
email Mata, Connie 719.336.1677
Mata, Larry Wellness Center Coordinator email Mata, Larry 719.336.1678
Medina, Jessica Academic Services Coordinator email Medina, Jessica 719.336.1521
Milberger, Kurt Plant Mechanic email Milberger, Kurt 719.336.1543
Mortimeyer, Jennifer Human Resources Director email Mortimeyer, Jennifer 719.336.1572
Residence Hall Coordinator email  Residence Hall Coordinator 719.336.6660
Myers, Mary Lou Academic Services Coordinator email  Myers, Mary Lou 719.336.6644
Nieschburg, Kurt Plant Mechanic email Nieschburg, Kurt 719.336.1543
Business Faculty email Business Faculty 719.336.1582
Oberto, Michael Assistant Baseball Coach email Oberto, Michae 719.336.1679
Reamy, Roger Grounds email Reamy, Roger  719.336.1543
Reifschneider, Valerie Physical Science Faculty email Reifschneider, Valerie 719.336.1546
Repshire, Tamra Custodian email Repshire, Tamra 719.336.1543
Rydberg, JJ Horse Training & Management Faculty email Rydberg, JJ 719.336.1623
Sanchez, Cheryl Vice President of Academic & Student Services email Sanchez, Chery 719.336.1516
Schmeckpeper, Amy Assistant Softball Coach email Schmeckpeper, Amy 719.336.1687
EMS Coordinator email EMS Coordinator 719.336.1629
Sherwood, Fred Rodeo Coach email Sherwood, Fred 719.336.1670
Shields, Joseph Business Faculty email Shields, Joseph 719.336.1548
Resource Counselor email Resource Counselor 719.336.1527
Sifers, Walt Custodian email Sifers, Walt  719.336.1543
Silva, Kristen Head Softball Coach email Silva, Kristen 719.336.1674
Stagner, Dr. Annessa Dean of Academic Services email Stagner, Dr. Annessa 719.336.1519
Steele, Landon Women’s Basketball Coach email Steele, Landon 719.336.1680
Stubbs, Rian Men’s Head Basketball Coach email Stubbs, Rian 719.336.1676
Thompson, Amber Registrar email Thompson, Amber 719.336.1592
Turner, Mary Ann Nursing Faculty email Turner, Mary Ann 719.336.1625
Vaca, Frank Head Custodian email Vaca, Frank  719.336.1543
Vanderpool, Mandy Custodian email Vanderpool, Mandy  719.336.1543
Vazquez, Robert IT Technician email Vazquez, Robert 719.336.6653
Winsor, Nancy Nursing Faculty email Winsor, Nancy 719.336.1596
Young, Becky Developmental Ed Faculty / Special Populations Coordinator email Young, Becky 719.336.1533