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With funding through a Colorado Community College System Innovation Grant, Lamar Community College launched the Innovate & Make Space – Leveraging Tools, Technology and Ideas to Grow People, Jobs and Communities project.

In an exciting development, the focus of the space was broadened to include not just science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) areas, but also visual and commercial arts making the new space a place for STEAM. The LCC Innovate & Make Space

(I&MS) will connect high-quality academic and CTE programs at the college and high school level with competency-based assessment, a digital fabrication laboratory(Fab Lab)/Maker Space, small and medium-sized industries, local governments and school districts, and Prowers Economic Prosperity to improve student engagement, community entrepreneurship, as well as retention and success in existing and developing programs.

The project is the result of a collaboration in which LCC and key economic development groups, community leaders, and K-12 superintendents worked to identify ways to collaborate to adapt and thrive in a struggling economy. The main goal is to develop a facility in which students, faculty, and community members will use high-tech tools, technology, and ideas to develop and make collaborative projects using industry-validated, competency-based instruction in advanced manufacturing and construction technologies, including apparel and sewn goods manufacturing.

Additionally, by including the visual and commercial arts in the same space, the college will be able to expand offerings for students and the community. The integration of STEAM fields into a single location will create exciting new synergies and possibilities for the users of that space.

LCC will house the Innovate & Make Space in the east wing of the Betz Technology Center.  The Innovation grant has provided funds for equipment, consumables, and partial staffing, while the College will invest in additional staffing, training, and curriculum development.  Industry partners will also provide additional consumables and volunteers to staff the facility.

The College is working to integrate appropriate existing and new credit and non-credit programs, courses, and curriculum into the Innovate & Make Space, with welding, construction trades, commercial sewing, and art courses beginning fall 2017.

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