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Continue Your Education

Here at Lamar Community College, we encourage you to start with your goal in mind.  Getting an associate’s degree from LCC is often your first step to a great career and we want to help take you to that next level.  Each new degree, bachelor’s and master’s, increases your employability and income earning potential.

To help our students move on to obtain that next degree, LCC and the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) have determined many transfer options and articulation agreements.  These options make it easy for you to keep moving forward.

College Transfer Services

University recruiters regularly visit the LCC campus to speak to students.  Additionally, LCC hosts a transfer college fair each fall for students to speak with a wide range of colleges and universities to determine their next step.[/toggle]

Transfer Agreements

LCC and the Colorado Community College System (CCCS) have negotiated articulation or transfer agreements that allow students to move seamlessly from LCC to four-year colleges and universities without surprises. It is best to have an idea of which college you will be transferring to as early as possible , so that you are taking courses that will be acceptable in that degree plan.

Consult with LCC’s Transfer Coordinator at 719.336.1536 or to assure that you choose the best option for your academic and career plans.

Below is a list of articulation agreements by discipline and/or college.  Since many of these agreements are online, they allow students to continue their education without moving to another city.

Additional CCCS agreements with colleges and agencies can be found at on the Colorado Department of Education website.

File a Complaint with the Colorado Department of Higher Education

Should you have issues with transferring credits between Colorado colleges and universities, you can file a report directly to the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

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