Lamar Community College (LCC) recently hosted the Lamar Community College Regional Future Farmers of America (FFA) Career Development Events, featuring over 900 participants competing in 12 events across campus.

For a number of years, students from across Colorado and neighboring states gathered at LCC for a practice run prior to the upcoming State FFA Contest, and what began with fewer than 100 students has grown into the largest regional FFA contest in the state.

“We hold this event to give FFA Members, local as well as across the state, the opportunity to hone their skills before the state contest held in May at Colorado State University,” said LCC Agriculture Faculty and Department Chair Greg Cash. “This event is also a great recruiting tool for our Agriculture Program as well as campus as a whole.”

Held the first Wednesday in April, each year, the Lamar Community College Regional FFA Career Development Events saw participants compete in Livestock Judging, Horse Judging, Soil and Land Judging, Agriculture Mechanics, Veterinary Science, Employment Skills, Agriculture Sales, Farm and Ranch Business, Floriculture, Milk Quality, Meat Evaluation and Field Crops.

Winning individuals and teams are as follows:

Livestock Judging:
Ethan Summervill from Douglas County
Team Winner: Douglas Co.

Horse Judging:
Alana Marinez from Pueblo County
Team Winner: Old Ham County

Soil and Land Judging:
Braden Wedel from Stratton
Team Winner: Stratton

Agriculture Mechanics:
Alex Higbee from Lamar
Team Winner: Lamar

Veterinary Science:
Catie Wolyn from Rye
Team Winner: Rye

Employment Skills:
Haley Johnson from Kit Carson
Team Winner: NO TEAM Winner

Agriculture Sales:
Anna Weisensee from Limon
Team Winner: Limon

Farm and Ranch Business:
Lauren Tagtmeyer from Stratton
Team Winner: Stratton

Grace Provost from Branson
Team Winner: Lamar

Milk Quality:
Ean Martinez from Manzanola
Team Winner: Manzanola

Meat Evaluation:
Finn Warner from Branson
Team Winner: Branson

Field Crops:
Javyne Ormiston from Pritchett
Team Winner: Pritchett

Team winners were presented with a plaque, while individual winners were awarded with a plaque as well as a $500 scholarship to Lamar Community College.

“This event would not be possible without the help of numerous people on campus as well as community members,” said Cash. “Also, all of our Agriculture students helped with each contest.


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