LCC’s Ranch Horse Team Earns Exclusive Invitation to Bridles and Brains Invitational Collegiate Ranch Horse Competition

Lamar Community College (LCC) is riding high on the heels of triumph as its Ranch Horse Team secured an exclusive invitation to the Bridles and Brains Invitational Collegiate Ranch Horse Competition. The arena for this event is set at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, TX, unfolding over two action-packed days from January 31st to February 1st, 2024.

The Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo is working with the American Paint Horse Association, American Quarter Horse Association, and Stock Horse of Texas to present this competition for collegiate ranch horse teams.

As the lone representative from the Centennial State among the select nine institutions invited nationwide, LCC’s Ranch Horse Team has etched its mark in the competitive landscape. This coveted invitation underscores their dedicated commitment to horsemanship, highlighting the team’s exceptional performance in regional competitions.

The Bridles and Brains Invitational promises to be a pivotal moment for LCC’s Ranch Horse Team, subjecting them to a thorough assessment of their equestrian prowess. This invitational competition will test collegiate equestrian athletes’ abilities in the saddle as well as each team’s knowledge through public speaking skills, all while showing good sportsmanship and teamwork. Unfolding across six dynamic challenges—Ranch Roping, Ranch Penning, Ranch Trail, Ranch Reining, Public Speech, and Media Interview—each designed to showcase the riders’ adaptability and the exceptional abilities of their equine partners.

Aubrie Brown, a sophomore in Lamar Community College’s Horse Training and Management and Equine Business and Management programs, is eagerly anticipating the upcoming competition. As a member of LCC’s ranch horse team, she reflects on the camaraderie they’ve built over the past few semesters, describing the team as a close-knit family that supports each other both inside and outside the arena.

“I am most excited about the ranch roping and ranch penning because those two events simulate what we do on the ranch, where I love to be. My stud, Boss, and I also just love working cows. I’m most nervous about our public speech presentation, but I know it will go well once I get there. I’m excited to show off what Lamar Community College can do, competing against all the other schools that were invited to this show, because I know we will excel,” Brown shares.

“We are thrilled that Lamar Community College’s Ranch Horse Team has earned this esteemed invitation. Being one of only nine teams chosen nationwide is a testament to the passion, skill, and commitment that define our LCC community,” shared Dr. Rosana Reyes, President of Lamar Community College. “The collective efforts of our students, staff, and faculty, representing not only our college, but the entire state of Colorado, make us all very proud. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to excellence in horsemanship and for showcasing the true spirit of Team LCC!”

LCC’s Ranch Horse Team embraces the forthcoming challenge with enthusiasm, poised not only to compete at the highest level but also to serve as ambassadors for the college and the entire state of Colorado on this prestigious stage. The college community, equestrian enthusiasts, and the wider public eagerly await this showcase of skill, determination, and the undeniable bond between rider and horse.

For further information and inquiries about LCC’s Ranch Horse Team, please contact Savanna Mauch at

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