JED Campus

Did you know LCC is a JED Campus? JED Campus offers Lopes a wide variety of emotional health and wellness support at our college.

Thanks to JED Campus, our college has been able to implement the following:

1. Emotional wellness trainings provided to staff, faculty, and RAs

2. Mental health screening days for students – We are working in conjunction with nursing students to provide campus-wide mental health screenings and referrals for our students

3. The creation of spaces to support the needs of commuter students. More specifically, Jed Campus funds allowed us to purchase two sets of lockers that were placed in the Hole in the Wall and the Betz Atrium so that commuter students who are here for extended periods of time have a welcoming place to spend their downtime and store their belongings.

4. Purchased water filtration and dispenser systems to increase the availability of fresh drinking water across campuses. Dispensers are currently in the residence hall, the Wellness Center and Betz.

5. Direct financial support to the LopesCares Pantry to provide basic food and hygiene items to struggling students and their families.

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