Alumni Spotlight – Phil Rawers

Lamar Community College (LCC) takes pride in helping develop successful alums, and one such success story is former student Phil Rawers. Hailing from Illinois, Phil graduated from LCC’s Equine Business Management program with a certificate in agriculture in May 2022. Working at Hillcroft Farm in Paris, Kentucky, Phil has found success in the equine industry. Hillcroft Farm is run by Misdee Wrigley Miller and James Miller, internationally ranked combined driving competitors with ties to Wrigley Media Group. Phil is responsible for caring for Hillcroft Farm’s driving horses, which compete in an equestrian sport involving carriage driving.

Phil’s passion for horses began with his sister. His sister was the first in his family to start taking riding lessons and attending horse shows, and Phil would often accompany her. A chance encounter with an American Cream Draft horse at one of these outings truly captured Phil’s heart. He vividly remembers the moment he first laid eyes on the majestic animal and felt an immediate connection. From that day forward, Phil’s fascination with horses deepened. He dedicated himself to learning as much as possible about their care and behavior, eventually leading him to Lamar Community College.

After graduating from high school in 2015, Phil decided to join a horse rescue to assist with nursing sick horses back to health using holistic methods. He worked various odd jobs but soon realized he was happiest working with horses. Deciding to pursue his passion, he searched online for two-year horse programs, and LCC was among the top results. From there, Phil decided to take the leap and enroll in the Equine Business Management program at LCC.

While earning his degree and certificate at LCC, Phil’s dedication and hard work allowed him to gain the knowledge and skills required to pursue a successful career in the equine industry. Along with excelling academically as a Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society member, Phil went above and beyond. He volunteered at a horse ranch in Springfield, Colorado, and developed close bonds with LCC staff and faculty during his time at the College.

Looking back on his experience at LCC, Phil attributes his success to the Equine Business Management program, which equipped him with essential knowledge and skills in terms of work ethic, attitude, cleanliness, and the ability to receive constructive criticism. The program’s hands-on approach to learning allowed him to gain practical industry experience working with horses, which prepared him for his current professional role at Hillcroft Farm.

Phil has a long-term career goal of becoming a horse breeder. In the next five to ten years, he plans to establish his own equine resort that will not only feature antique driving carriages but also operate as an interactive history museum and therapeutic riding school. To anyone interested in a career with horses or considering applying to one of the horse programs at LCC, Phil says: “LCC is probably the best experience you will ever have as far as two-year programs go. You will be a career horseman by the time you’re done and will have the skills you’ll need well into your career. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Phil’s success story is a testament to the quality of education LCC’s Equine Business Management program provides. It highlights the importance of pursuing your passions and gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your chosen field. Phil’s success at Hillcroft Farm is a source of pride for Lamar Community College. His dedication and hard work have led him to achieve great success in the equine industry, and his story inspires current and future students of the Equine Business Management program.

For those considering a career in the equine or agricultural industry, Lamar Community College’s Equine Business Management program provides the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in this dynamic field. The College is ready to help you enroll in any of our horse and agriculture programs now that can lead you to a successful career in the industry.

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