Title III Grant

Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant

The Lamar Community College Title III Action Project team worked throughout the 2005-06 academic year to solicit and select proposals for inclusion in a Title III Strengthening Institutions Grant.  The proposal was submitted to the US Department of Education for consideration.  Although it was not funded, the team worked to revise and improve the grant for the 2008 funding cycle based on the college’s updated strategies for growth (no new applications were accepted in the 2007 fiscal year).   The second proposal was funded for $1,994,100 on October 1, 2008.   The five-year grant includes creation of three new programs.

  • Capitalize on LCC’s selection as Host Outreach Education Institution for the northern hemisphere site of the Pierre Auger Cosmic Ray Observatory, by building an Associate of Science (AS) with a Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) pathway.   The College has elected to begin two new AS pathways in Secondary Math/Science Education and Sports & Fitness Management with its additional resources.
  • Create Construction Technology program.  The program will have a strong Historic Preservation component.
  • Begin a Renewable Energy Technology program.

Below are components of the grant application.