Nursing Faculty

Meet the Lamar Community College Nursing Faculty

Henderson Kathy Henderson, RN, MSN, ANP
Director of Nursing and Allied Health
phone: 719.336.1597

I love nursing and all the opportunities it offers me to provide quality caring and patient education to individuals and groups. I especially love teaching and mentoring nursing students as they journey from novice to expert. It is very rewarding to me to see many of “my” students working in local health care facilities; making a difference in the lives of others.

I have 18+ years of professional nursing practice experience and have been a full time nursing faculty member at LCC since 1995. I graduated in December 2008 with a Masters of Science in Nursing as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. I really like working with adults of all ages and especially with our geriatric population. I am excited about utilizing the knowledge I gained in my graduate education to help positively change the lives of individuals in southeast Colorado.

Turner2Mary Ann Turner, RN, MSN, NE
Nursing Instructor
phone: 719.336.1625

Learning is one of the most empowering and important human experiences.The ability and desire to learn are the key attributes that allow us to gainknowledge, wisdom and personal growth. The opportunity to impart knowledge through teaching is one of the most important responsibilities we have as faculty members. I believe that excellence in teaching originates from an insatiable desire to learn, and a constant pursuit to maximize one’s ability to communicate information to others.

In my educational pursuits I have utilized the ladder model in acquiring my nursing education. I received both a PN and ADN from Otero Junior College in 1992. I then completed a BSN from the University of New Mexico and most recently completed a Master’s in Nursing with an emphasis on Education from Walden University.

I joined the LCC nursing faculty team in 2004. This has enabled me to promote the nursing profession through the training and development of future nurses. I believe that aspiring to be a great teacher is one of the most noble of goals; in it is the power to impart knowledge, to influence thinking and to ultimately create positive change in the world.

I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of you.

WinsorNancy Winsor, RN, MSN, NE
Nursing Instructor
phone: 719.336.1596

Welcome to the LCC Department of Nursing. I have had the pleasure of teaching student nurses at LCC since 2005. Nursing is a fascinating, changing and rewarding career. There are many opportunities waiting for you in nursing. I have lived in several cities and have enjoyed what each city added to my life. I have a wonderful husband and 2 wonderful children. I have completed my MSN at Angelo State University and a post master’s certificate in Nursing Education.

BHS-RT University of Missouri-Columbia
ADN – Angelo State University
RN-MSN Angelo State University (2009)

Nursing Experience:
Medical Surgical Nursing, Intensive Care, Emergency Room, Cardiac Nursing

Primary Teaching Specialties:
Adult Medical Surgical Nursing, Pharmacology, Fundamentals

Recent/Current Projects and Research Interest:
Predictors for NCLEX success, NLNAC Accreditation Project

Meet the Lamar Community College Nursing Staff

Susan Bowles, AASSusan Bowles.web
Administrative Assistant
phone: 719.336.1594

I have been in higher education for over 20 years.  I have always loved working with faculty and students.  In 2004 I ventured away from higher education to become a court reporter which is how I ended up here in Lamar, Colorado.  When I left the court reporting field my life brought me back to higher education working for LCC.  I never imagined that life would bring me back to the field I started out in.  I have been working for the Nursing Department since June of 2014.  I have two Associate of Applied Science degrees.  I am a single parent trying to raise a teenage boy which can be challenging.  I have overcome some tough challenges but I have had some very supportive people around me.